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Bulk Water Delivery throughout California’s Central Valley

All Pure Water Hauling delivers PURIFIED, FOOD-GRADE WATER, pumps, and storage tanks in the Central Valley. We primarily work with Municipalities, Contractors, Agriculture and Commercial & Residential customers. All Pure Water will deliver BULK WATER and into our on-site storage tanks. We can set-it up as an independent system or tie it into your existing water supply.

Emergency Water Service Available

If you are in need of emergency water service, call us toll free at (844) 210-9795



Bottles can often become dirty sitting in storage. The neck of the bottle is used as a handle when a full bottle is placed on the cooler and care in hand cleaning is often overlooked. All tanks, pumps and plumbing are Food Grade and operate within a sealed system.

Same Water

The water quality of All Pure Water’s Bulk purified and Bottled purified is the same as leading National brands. The only difference is the packaging. (Same water different container!). It’s time to say goodbye to this heavy jugs.

Cost Efficient

The cost per gallon is usually lower. Bulk delivery eliminates any in-house labor costs to the customer for handling, i.e. time required keeping the coolers supplied with full bottles and collection of empties for return.

No Loss or Deposits

Full bottles of water could be taken off site and used for personal use. There are no bottle deposits, lost bottles or bottle storage issues. It is the environmental solution to heavy water jugs.

All Pure Water is Northern California’s leading family owned and operated bulk water hauler covering all of the Central Valley. It’s time to say goodbye to heavy water jugs.


We’re Bill and Snow Phillips. We grew up working in a family owned water delivery business. When the opportunity presented itself to purchase our own equipment and charter our own course, we jumped in with both feet. Together, we have built a successful bulk water delivery service that out performs our competitors. We believe that customer service is paramount. Don’t you think it’s time to say goodbye to heavy water jugs too?

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